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Bill Woodfull in 1934
Bill Woodfull

In cricket, the phrase "carrying the bat" refers to a situation in which an opening batsman remains not out at the end of an innings where all the 10 wickets have fallen; the other 10 players in the team have all been dismissed. It may also be used in situations where one or more of these players are unable to bat due to retiring out or causes like injury or illness, and the remaining players are dismissed. A rare feat, this has happened only 69 times in international cricket spanning all three formats—Tests, One Day Internationals (ODIs) and Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is). In Tests, South African Bernard Tancred was the first cricketer to carry the bat; he made 26 runs in his team's total of 47 against England in 1889. In 1933, Bill Woodfull (pictured) of Australia set a new record by becoming the first player to perform this feat twice in Tests. Apart from Woodfull, five other cricketers have performed this feat more than once in their in Test careers. (Full list...)

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Iranian toman

The Iranian toman is a superunit of the official currency of Iran, the rial. One toman is equivalent to ten rials. Although the rial is the official currency, Iranians use the toman in everyday life.

This picture shows a ten-toman gold coin dated AH 1314 (c. 1896), depicting Mozaffar ad-Din, shah of the Qajar dynasty, on the obverse.

Coin credit: Tehran Mint; photographed by the National Numismatic Collection

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