Samuel Eisenmenger

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Samuel Eisenmenger (28 September 1534 – 28 February 1585) was a German physician , theologian and astronomer. 1557-1568 he was Professor of Astronomy at the University of Tübingen.


As the son of Johann Eisenmenger, pastor in Bretten, he attended the city school of his hometown. In 1551, he enrolled at the University of Wittenberg . Here he was, supported by Philipp Melanchthon , Baccalaureus, moved to the University of Heidelberg and the University of Tübingen, where he obtained a Master's degree on January 21, 1554. In 1557 he was appointed as successor to Philipp Imsser in the professorship of Mathematics and Astronomy at the University of Tübingen, together with Johann Scheubel.

Eisenmenger was the personal physician of the Bishop of Speyer, the Margrave of Baden, the Archbishop of Cologne and the Bishop of Strasbourg .

He edited the work of Paracelsus and published works on the application of astrology in medicine.


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  • De usu partium coeli in commendationem astronomine , Strasbourg, 1563
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  • The prognostic and prophecy of the last ones from the MDLXIIII Jar to the MDCVII are drawn from the eclipses and the great ephemeris of the highly populated Cypriani Leovicii and from the Prognostico Samuelid Syderocratis, and put together , Basel, 1568